Trifold approach to circular economy: perspectives of academia, business and wider society 2022-1-BG01-KA220-HED-000085464

About the project

The project aims to present the implications and introduce solutions to the challenges of the circular economy in an adapted way in order to bring together students from different social categories with a focus on those who are discouraged and behind in their studies compared to their peers. The project will present the components of the circular economy from the perspective of teachers and students, as well as the challenges of the circular economy to business and society in general. The project activities cover the preparation and realization of seminars and workshops in which students, teachers and business experts will exchange opinions, applicable approaches and experiences.

The following training materials will be developed within the project:

  • Reference book on Circular Economy for teachers
  • Repertory on Circular Economy for students
  • Handbook on Circular Economy Challenges to business and society

Expected results:

  • Improving the prospects for fruitful learning for students who believe in their abilities to find the right place in a changed work environment influenced by the circular economy
  • Reducing gaps in understanding, teaching and addressing the challenges and benefits of the circular economy
  • Broadening the perspectives of students and university teachers and by facilitating the application of sustainable scientific approaches to the complications posed by the circular economy
  • Use and integration of created and piloted guidance materials that can be applied across subjects by both students and business representatives
  • Improving networking and interaction between different organizations active in addressing environmental challenges